Friday, October 31, 2014

The Saucony Kinvara 5 From The Feet of Soon Chung

The Saucony Kinvara 5 before it's arrival here in our local shores in Malaysia has been put to great test (and torture) by among our bloggers and friends. And a week before the 5th generation of fast is release here, here's one of our Saucony friends take on the Kinvara 5 as he took it out for a test at the Brisbane Marathon.

By Lim Soon Chung

My first encounter with the Kinvara series of Saucony is the 2nd generation that had gone through some 500kms without much issue except tearing on the upper which however wasn’t really bothersome. While the development from K2 to K5 is quite substantial, much of its good bits has been retained through the generation such as its lightweight, flexibility, stack height and heel-toe drop to name a few. 

Close up view of the new mesh.

In respond to the tearing issue on the upper, K5 is now wearing a new stretchy and flexible mesh which is very breathable as well. Upon sliding into shoe, I was instantly reminded of how good a snug midfoot feels like thanks to the PRO-LOCK system which goes around and wrap the midfoot with a piece of material. It’s so snug that I could leave the lace a little loose and yet still feeling secure.

Material of the Pro-Lock system.

Although that the K5 appear to be having the roomiest toebox across the generation, it’s a little constricted than I’d like. Perhaps I’m just too used to the roomy toebox of Merrell Bare Access 2 after having it as a day-to-day and training shoe for several month. Surprisingly, the toebox becomes more spacious on the second run and the credit should goes to the new upper mesh. Without a second thought, I’ve had decided to use it for my one and only FM which ultimately lead me to a PB.

The coupling of PowerGrid with an enhanced EVA+ midsole/outsole bring about a soft and cushy ride at walking pace but responses well on a faster run. Saucony claimed that the additional rubber iBR+ along the mid lateral side of the outsole would provide better durability and cushioning. While I can’t feel the difference in terms of cushioning but the acoustic is somewhat louder during impact. Nevertheless, it doesn’t adversely affect the performance in anyway. 

Wear and tear of the left and right pair,

The K5 has since clocked up around 80km including a marathon with no hotspot or abrasion found anywhere on the foot. The whole package provided by the K5 would totally be an easy choice for me as a long distance and marathon shoe. 

Disclaimer: The Saucony Kinvara 5 is a complimentary sample pair provided by Saucony Malaysia and will be available at Running Lab, RSH, Stadium and Studio R outlets in beginning November 2014. 

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